Twisted Hemp | Hemp Blunt Wraps w/ Tips | 100mm - Honey Citrus - 15 Count

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Twisted Hemp Designer Blends present premium wraps, featuring the purest Single-Sourced Hemp in their Designer Blends line. Infused with natural flavors, they are non-GMO and boast Twist Cut Edges for optimal sealing. Importantly, they are free from nicotine or tobacco. Additionally, each pouch includes 2 premium Tips, tailored for your 2 full-width wraps. Specifications include:

  • Brand: Twisted Hemp Designer Blends
  • Type: Blunt Wrap
  • Flavor: Honey Citrus
  • Pouches per Box: 15
  • Wraps per pouch: 2
  • Contains 2 premium Tips inside
  • Size: 100mm x 40mm