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Tangie OG represents a well-balanced hybrid strain from crossing the delightful Tangie with the timeless OG Kush strains. It amalgamates the distinct flavors of its renowned parent strains, offering a tantalizing smoking experience that beckons for further indulgence. With each inhalation, the palate is greeted by a tangy, citrus-infused pine essence, complemented by a lemony, herbal finish upon exhale. Its aroma exudes a pleasant sweetness with woody undertones, accompanied by an earthy citrus overtone that gradually develops into a subtle spiciness. Notably, its citrus lineage emanates a refreshing fragrance reminiscent of tangerines, setting it apart from other fruity or citrusy strains, which are typically lemon- or grape-centric.

• Flavor: Tangie OG
• Strain: Hybrid
• Brand: Bright Bay
• Made in the U.S.A