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Packwoods x BIO presents premium blunt rolling glue made from food-grade materials, perfect for blunt wraps, herbal wraps, and hemp wraps. Our product is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards, ensuring a smooth and seamless rolling experience every time. Whether you're rolling blunts for personal enjoyment or for your dispensary, our 1-gallon jug option allows you to stock up and create blunts on a mass scale.

Here are some key features of our blunt rolling glue:

  • No Added Sugars: Enjoy a pure, unadulterated rolling experience without any unnecessary additives.
  • Non-GMO: We prioritize quality and purity by using non-genetically modified ingredients.
  • Vegan: Our product is free from any animal-derived ingredients, aligning with vegan lifestyle choices.
  • Flavorless: Let the natural flavors of your chosen wraps shine through without any interference from added flavors.
  • FDA-Approved Materials: Rest assured, our blunt rolling glue meets the safety standards set by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • California Prop 65 Compliant: We comply with California's Proposition 65 regulations, ensuring safety and transparency.
  • Passed Heavy Metals Testing: Our product has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is free from heavy metals, guaranteeing your health and safety.
  • Passed Pesticides Testing: We prioritize purity by ensuring our product is free from harmful pesticides.
  • Passed Sodium Chloride Testing: Our stringent testing processes ensure that our blunt rolling glue meets the highest quality standards.

Experience the difference with Packwoods x BIO blunt rolling glue and elevate your rolling game to the next level.