100 Shot Filling Heated Syringe Gun | 50ml

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High Precision Syringe Specifications:

  • Designed for large-volume precision

  • Lightweight metal handle with a non-slip surface

  • Ergonomic grip for ease of use

  • 50 ml amber-colored polycarbonate barrel

  • Minimizes UV exposure for extended durability

  • Finely machined ratchet mechanism for accuracy

  • Secure needle lock for safety

  • Dosage adjustment range: 1 to 5 ml

  • Dosage increment: 1 ml

  • User-friendly digital temperature control unit

  • Temperature setting range: room temperature to 194°F

  • Filling capacity: 100 units of 1ml cartridges, disposable pens, or syringes

  • Filling time: within just five minutes