Glass Pre-Roll Tubes 20MM/110MM with Plastic CR White Cap- 240 CT KIT

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110mm Clear Glass Vial Tubes:

  • Clear glass tubes for securely packaging pre-rolled joints or blunts.
  • Require separate 20mm caps (not included) for sealing.
  • Safeguard against damage, allow custom branding. Accommodate various rolling paper sizes.
  • Total height: 110mm, Neck height: 9mm, Body height: 101mm, Diameter: 20mm, Inner neck diameter: 11.5mm, Outer circumference: 70mm (2⅝ in.).
  • Max size 68mm x 95mm (W x H).

20mm White Polypropylene 'Child-Resistant' Screw Caps:

  • Matte white polypropylene plastic caps designed for secure sealing.
  • Ribbed sides for grip, child-resistant design.
  • Height: 14mm, Surface diameter: 24mm, Inner diameter: 20mm, Circumference: 3.5 inches.

1 Qty comes with 240 tubes and caps.