What we offer here at Pinnacle Distributors

—The realm of the online smoke shop is an exciting new world that has been growing exponentially. With the general public growing to trust the internet and integrate it into their daily lives, the smoking community has been evolving in that facet as well. The general public has been desiring a place to buy bongs online to help with daily convenience. Bongs are an increase interest in the online smoking community. Aside from individual purchase, wholesale pipe and wholesale bong products have been continually popular for businesses. Many head shops now flock to the online world for all of their wholesale dispensary supplies. The simplicity of online purchase of bongs for businesses significantly increases productivity. As 2018 continues, the market will definitely see an exponential increase of companies choosing to buy bongs online. Bongs in the online smoking sector are the largest growth that we have seen of all smoking accessories. 


Wholesale Packaging for Cannabis

— Marijuana packaging is one of the essential aspects of proper clinic and smoke shop daily life. In recent years, custom packaging for cannabis brands have gotten popular for businesses wishing to diversify and expand their brand. Many patients flock to creative and eye popping designs, so private label packaging can clearly be seen as an importance. Online services such as that from Pinnacle, have been the first on the scene for custom private packaging for cannabis. Everything from color, to logo design, even to custom sized packaging and vials are all within the realm of possibility for marijuana packaging. Many customers have returned simply delighted by the custom wholesale packaging that we provide. Wholesale packaging for cannabis is one of our company’s pride and joys. Private label packaging is something that we provide in ourselves as well. If you have any concerns or issues about adding the proper regulatory stickers or packaging, our talented experts are ready to provide their support. Enjoy custom packaging for cannabis brands at affordable prices! 


-Wholesale Smoke Supplies 

—Wholesale smoke supplies is the perfect product for the online realm. At Pinnacle, we strive to provide the highest quality services to buy wholesale smoke shop supplies. Brick and Mortar wholesale smoke shops used to be the only way to provide quality goods for your business. With the advent of the internet, websites like yours truly became the ideal place to buy smoke shop supplies online. Providing high quality customer service, speedy deliveries, custom packaging, and a plethora of other essential services became our mantra. We hope to keep your business to buy wholesale smoke shop supplies. Online smoke shops are definitely the wave of the future and we hope that you agree with that claim. Online smoke shop wholesale can provide everything for an up and coming business to strive from bongs and pipes, to rolling papers and trays, to packaging and storage.