CVault Humidor Curing Container | Large

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Introducing the ultimate curing solution, the Personal Large CVault Curing and Storage Container. Engineered with cutting-edge design and tested technology, it maintains your growth at scientifically precise humidity levels, ensuring your product stays fresh throughout its lifespan.

This container is meticulously crafted to provide a high-quality, air-tight environment, further enhanced by the patented Boveda/Humidipak® packet. After extensive testing, CVault determined that the optimal humidity range for storage falls between 58% and 64%. Collaborating with Boveda/Humidipak®, they developed a packet with an impressive plus or minus 1% variance, set at 62%, perfectly tailored to the CVault container design.

CVault's research found that 90% of stored products benefit most from 62% humidity, leading them to create a top-of-the-line container from lightweight yet durable stainless steel. This material not only blocks unwanted light but also ensures ease of cleaning and safety for consumable products.

The result is the ultimate curing and storage solution; a precisely humidity-controlled container that neither loses nor gains moisture. Additional features include a large size with a capacity of 28-50 grams, constructed from 18/10 Food Grade Stainless steel, an air-tight seal, multi-latch design, wide mouth, Boveda Pack holder, and two small 62% Boveda packets included.

Dimensions: 4.75" x 2.5"
Includes Instructions
CVault Humidor Curing Container - Large