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Meeting a new breed of vaporizer: 710 PEN


- ONE 710Pen with 5 click shut off/on system

- TWO 710cartridges (transparent cartomizer)

- ONE 710cart shell (for protecting the cartomizer)

- ONE Inhaler (flat shape with more comfortability)

- ONE Inhaler Cap (for keeping the inhaler clean and hygienic)

- ONE 710mini tool to easily fill the 710cart

- ONE USB Charger

- ONE Wall Adaptor

- ONE Water Pipe Attachment


Why choose 710Pen:

1). Little or no tar and other carcinogenic substance.

2). Harmless to others and the environment.

3). Vape Discreetly

4). No ignition or butane

5). Ease of Use

6). Discreet and portable



-Length of the 710Pen: 150mm

-Diameter of the 710Pen: 14 mm

-Battery life is estimated at 300+ uses (fully charge, but may vary depending on user)

-Charge time (for full charge): 4hrs


How to video: