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Mylar is typically a generic reference to polyester film or a type of plastic sheet. However, Mylar is also a registered trademark for a specific family of plastic sheet products made from the resin Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PET. In the context of supplying your medical marijuana dispensary in Canada with useful products, Mylar serves as an ideal material for smell proof bags. If you own a medical marijuana dispensary in Canada and you’re looking for wholesale smell proof bag solutions, count on our total wholesale provider at Pinnacle Distributors Inc. to hook you up with the products that your business needs.  

Variety And Quantity Of Wholesale Mylar Smell Proof Bags

At Pinnacle Distributors, we pride our wholesale dispensary supply company on our variety and selection of useful products. Our bulk mylar bags typically come in quantities of 1,000 units per each order, while other products like our White Visa Mylar Bag 1 Pound and our White Mylar Bag 1 gram are available in quantities of 100 units. If you need your dispensary patients to discreetly leave your store without the smell of cannabis emanating from their exit bags, our wholesale mylar bags at Pinnacle Distributors Inc. are a surefire, comprehensive solution for you and your Canadian medical marijuana business.

Keeping Your Products Fresh With Mylar Bags

When it comes to properly sealing and packaging some of your dispensary products like cannabis bud, cannabis extracts and edibles, using something like standard plastic bags is unacceptable. Not only are cheap plastic bags easy to tear and see-through, but they’re also not smell proof. While they’re typically quite inexpensive, standard plastic bags weren’t meant to store high-quality medicinal cannabis products. Plus, the valuable trichomes of the cannabis bud will stick to the plastic and come off of the plant, which is a huge issue because dispensary patients are paying for the most potent, medicinal properties of the cannabis plant that are contained within the trichomes.

Keeping your customers’ favorite Indica-dominant and Sativa-dominant strains fresh with trichomes fully in tact should be a priority for you as a dispensary owner. Fortunately, our wholesale Mylar bags at Pinnacle Distributors will keep your patients’ medicine fresh because these smell proof bags seal and do not allow air in and out of the bag.

Mylar Is A Reliable And Widely Used Material

There’s a good reason that we carry Mylar smell proof bags to stock your medical marijuana business in Canada. Actually, there are many good reasons. When you look at the history of Mylar and observe the countless applications, it’s pretty easy to see that this incredible polyester film material is as versatile as it is effective. General uses for Mylar polyester film include but are not limited to:

  • Flexible packaging and food contact applications (coffee ‘foil’ packaging, pouches for convenience foods, lidding for dairy foods, metallised films, etc.)

  • Covering over paper (glossy layers for photographic print, protecting the spine of medical records, packaging for trading dark decks, etc.)

  • Insulating material (electrical, fire shelters, indoor gardening, reflecting thermal radiation, etc.)

  • Solar, marine and aviation applications

  • Graphic arts, electronic, acoustic, scientific, and countless other applications

In fact, there are actually so many incredible and practical widespread uses of Mylar film that it’s rather difficult to find an industry that doesn’t use it. Of course, Mylar is also very useful as a smell proof, sealable material for perishable items and items that can lose their freshness like cannabis and cannabis-related products.

Get The Best Deals On Wholesale Smell Proof Bags At Pinnacle Distributors!

If you need them, we have them! Our bulk quantities make stocking your Canadian medical marijuana dispensary an economic decision, and the quality of our products will ensure total customer and patient satisfaction at your dispensary. Shop our Mylar bags today!

Meta: Mylar bags are a great wholesale smell proof bag option that Pinnacle Distributors Inc. carries to supply your medical marijuana dispensary in Canada.

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