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Canadian Marijuana Dispensary Supplies

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Concentrate Containers

Over the past few years, as the owner of a Canadian dispensary, what you may have noticed is that more and more customers are using cannabis extracts and cannabis concentrates as their preferred form of medication. Cannabis concentrates represent a fantastic alternative to traditional marijuana flower, where the patient of your medical marijuana dispensary can actually vape a specific concentrate or isolated strain to get the most potent effects from it. Well, to cater to your dispensary patients, you’ll want to make sure that your cannabis extracts and cannabis concentrates are all properly contained within nothing other than - you guessed it - concentrate containers!

With Cannabis Concentrates, A Little Goes A Long Way
If you or your medical marijuana dispensary patients have any experience dabbling with cannabis extracts, then you probably understand the saying “ a dab will do.” Even the smallest piece of a gram of cannabis wax or oil can result in very potent effects, to say the least. So, it doesn’t take a very large container to actually house and safely (and hygienically) carry a gram of concentrate from your dispensary supplier to the customer’s hands.

In fact, our concentrate containers at Pinnacle Distributors Inc. are each 5 ml in capacity - which sounds tiny when you try and put just about anything else in them. Again, cannabis concentrates are, as the name implies, concentrated, which means that they’re very small in size and overall volume. For a pleasant variety of colors including green, blue, clear, red and pink/magenta, our Silicone Non-Stick Concentrate Assorted Color Containers will appeal to your frequent dispensary customers. If it’s standard packaging your dispensary is concerned with, don’t worry, because Pinnacle Distributors also offers our Silicone Non-Stick Concentrate Clear Containers. At 1,000 units each, this bulk is virtually unbeatable and will easily supply your dispensary to meet all of your patient’s cannabis concentrate needs.

FDA Approved Silicone
Silicone is an important material that we pride ourselves in carrying. Silicone is a durable, flexible, shatter-resistant and sanitary material that also serves as a surface where your customer’s cannabis extracts won’t get stuck onto. In fact, our wholesale silicon non-stick concentrate containers are arguably the most popular concentrate-related product that we carry here at Pinnacle Distributors, and for good reason too. Again, the non-stick properties of these concentrate containers make it perfect for storing around or up to 5 ml of your desired concentrate without the oily or waxy consistency of the concentrate getting stuck to the wall of the container itself.

Even better, these containers can actually be washed and reused as your dispensary patients see fit. Now, it isn’t legal or sanitary (to our knowledge) under Canadian medical marijuana law to wash and reuse each concentrate container you go through as a dispensary, but your patients are free to use and reuse their own concentrate containers as they wish. Our wholesale concentrate containers also have the added bonus of being heat resistant up to about 450 degrees, and they’re also freezer-safe and dishwasher-safe. And yet again, being FDA approved, your dispensary patients can trust that they’re getting a safe and sanitary product time and time again.

Shop Pinnacle Distributors For Your Cannabis Concentrate Packaging Needs in Canada
Our wholesale cannabis online supply store is more than familiar with your needs as a busy medical marijuana dispensary owner. We know that you need to supply your business with cost-effective, wholesale dispensary products and packaging solutions at a price that meets your budget. We also know that you need to comply with Canadian medical marijuana dispensary law, so you’ll need to get products that are approved by the government. At Pinnacle Distributors, you’ll find that we offer the best of both worlds! Shop our wholesale concentrate containers now.

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