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Bongs at Pinnacle Distributors Inc.

Bongs - commonly referred to as ‘water pipes’ for varying legal reasons - are an ideal type of piece to carry at your Canada cannabis dispensary or smoke shop. Not only are bongs a classic, tried-and-true way of smoking your favorite strains, but they also feature water filtration, making each hit much smoother and taste better as compared to using a traditional pipe to smoke out of. Plus, with our massive variety of different bong styles, colors, percolator options, shapes and sizes, there really is a bong option out there for just about any Canadian toker, from your medicinal-only toker all the way to a recreational enthusiast.

Below, you’ll find a selection of our bong types that you can shop to supply your Canadian cannabis retail shop.

The Classic Honeycomb Percolator Waterpipe

We carry multiple bong types that feature the iconic honeycomb percolator design. Renowned for its superior filtration qualities, honeycomb percolators will make even the largest of hits feel smooth. The honeycomb disc, as you can probably guess, resembles that of an actual honeycomb.

Our popular 12” Bio 65mm Honeycomb Waterpipe is a great option for all smokers, especially novice tokers, because the stemless style of the piece eliminates the need for a downstem. This makes cleaning the bong much easier, and represents a new innovative standard for water pipes that feature a straight shot percolator.

Beaker Bongs

When most people think of the classic bong design, what they’re picturing is probably a beaker shape. Resembling something that you’d see in your high school science classroom, beaker bongs typically offer reliable performance, affordable pricing, and ease of cleaning.

For the more serious smokers that frequent your Canadian marijuana dispensary or smoke shop, Pinnacle Distributors Inc. is proud to carry the Bio Clear Double 8-Arm Tree Beaker Waterpipe. This massive bong towers at 22” and features an attached eight arm, diffused tree percolator, ensuring that the user gets a lot of highly filtered smoke due to the large chamber that the smoke travels through.

A Cooled Down Hit Without Using Ice

That’s right! For your summer tokers or those who are really looking for a smooth, cooled down hit when they medicate with a bong, the Zero PFC by Pure Glass is the way to go. The funky coil attachment makes this piece look like something out of a science fiction movie, but here’s the thing - the coil attachment is freezable. Simply place the non-freezing glycerine-filled blue glass coil piece in the freezer for roughly 15-20 minutes before use and you’ll get the one of the smoothest, most cooled smoke experiences without even having to put ice in the chamber! Now, your customers can enjoy those frosty tokes and maintain a consistent water level by not having to worry about ice melting. With this unique bong, it’s a win-win.

Bongs With Diffused Downstems

Diffused downstems are a great economical option for beginning tokers who still want a smooth, filtered hit from their bong. Without expensive and hard-to-clean percolators in the chamber of the bong, diffused downstems are inexpensive to replace, can be cleaned very fast, and filter the smoke so that your customers are still getting a nice, smooth hit at a price that works for their budget. Pinnacle Distributors Inc. of Canada even sells separate diffused downstems which are ideal to carry at your Canadian smoke shop or marijuana dispensary in case one of your customers happens to accidentally break their original downstem.

Buy Bongs Online in Canada

The realm of the online smoke shop is an exciting new world that has been growing exponentially. With the general public growing to trust the internet and integrate it into their daily lives, the smoking community has been evolving in that facet as well. The general public has been desiring a place to buy bongs online to help with daily convenience. Bongs are are an increase interest in the online smoking community. Aside from individual purchase, wholesale pipe and wholesale bong products have been continually popular for businesses. Many head shops now flock to the online world for all of their wholesale dispensary supplies. The simplicity of online purchase of bongs for businesses significantly increases productivity. As 2018 continues, the market will definitely see an exponential increase of companies choosing to buy bongs online. Bongs in the online smoking sector are the largest growth that we have seen of all smoking accessories. 

With multiple size options available from our Canadian wholesale marijuana glass distributor, and great brands like Hitman, JBD, Phat Tubz, Pure Glass, Bent and Bio to choose from, consider your shop’s bong needs taken care of!

Any questions that you have for our glass company? We’d be happy to chat with you! Contact Pinnacle Distributors Inc. today to get your wholesale marijuana glass needs taken care of.

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